Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thanks a lot, Ashley...and what was your name?

Ashley Harkleroad--who is the reason the U.S. will play in the 2008 Fed Cup semifinals--is well aware that she herself may not participate in those matches. When the U.S. plays Russia, it is expected that Lindsay Davenport and Lisa Raymond will be there to play doubles again, and there is apparently some hope that the Williams sisters will be on the team.

Get real. Does anyone really think that both Williams sisters will be healthy and ready to play in Fed Cup? I'm not sure even one of them will be. My guess is that if everyone else is healthy and available and one Williams sister can show up, Laura Granville (who did not play against Germany, despite being on the team) will be cut, and Harkleroad will be on the team. Whether she would actually play, of course, is another question.

If the U.S. plays Russia on a clay surface, should Lindsay Davenport be on the team as a singles player? Stay tuned.


Todd Spiker said...
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Todd Spiker said...

Since the Fed Cup SF are in late April (before Roland Garros) this year rather than late July (after both Roland Garros and Wimbledon), maybe there's a better chance one or more Williams will actually be healthy.

Hmmm, on second thought... yeah, it probably won't matter, will it? :)

Diane said...

I forgot about the schedule change--thanks for the reminder, Todd. And no, I wouldn't count on the sisters to be healthy and ready in any given month, at the rate they are going.