Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wimbledon--what they said

I lost my energy because I am a little bit tired, played many matches. After French Open was really short the time to recover. But, you know, I'm really happy that I could play semi-final here. Is my best result in Wimbledon.
Simona Halep

It's almost like you have to get mad sometimes to play your best tennis.
Chris Evert

I'm glad you were all entertained, I was having a heart attack!
Naomi Broady, after she and her partner won on their 11th match point

I don't want to be, you know, the next someone else. I want to be the first of me.
Genie Bouchard

I’m back in the final and I’m feeling well. I mean, it’s really tough to say about, but definitely I’m all ready for a final and I’m going to try my best.
Petra Kvitova

I think she's going to win the title.
Chris Evert, referring to Genie Bouchard

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sunny nine said...

More Halep quotes: Explains some things but also liked the credit she gave Bouchard re Bouchard's presence and inside baseline/on baseline play:
“because you are a little bit afraid after injury....I think I played till the end, but in the second set I lost my energy and I couldn’t believe anymore that I can finish the match in the right way for me.” About Bouchard: “Her position on the court makes you to see her more,” - “Her style is to stay close to the baseline. At the return, she stays very in the court.”