Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wimbledon--what they said

I want to go one step further. It’s a normal kind of evolution of things, as the great champions get older, the newer ones come in.
Eugenie Bouchard

I was a little bit lost on court. But in the beginning only.
Simona Halep

The turn-around had been both swift and resounding, and a shell-shocked Lisicki simply had no Plan B to counter it.
Matt Trolloppe

I was really trying to stay in the moment. I knew I couldn't think ahead and things like that and that's what I've been working on for a while now to try to stay mentally in the moment.
Eugenie Bouchard

I watch her opponents when I can and I'll give Simona details, but I don't want to give her too much information. My thought is that if I give her too much information, she won't feel free anymore.
Wim Fissette

She was hitting the corners of the court, so it was getting more and more difficult to turn it around. I tried everything that I could today, but she was better.
Sabine Lisicki


Anonymous said...

5 minutes to the first Wimbledone women's singles semi and all ESPN can talk about is TOMORROW'S men's semisfinals! WTH?!?!?! Though they did mention that Dmitrov might be picking up some bits of Sharapova's champion mentality/demeanour. :)


Diane said...


Dougy said...

A Petra interview after Eugenie's win is cut off to show the end of a doubles match. Creepy. Petra and Eugenie have the last laugh, media creeps, and there is nothing that you can do to rationalize it or ignore it. Two smart, very nice girls are standing.

Diane, you called me a brave man when I picked Petra to go all the way. I based my call on the demeanor that she began to show at Eastbourne and continued through her first two matches here. One more to go. I'm not a pundit but I do my best to be objective.

Diane said...

And I heard a commentator say she now has a "mental coach." This could have made the difference; I've hoped she would do that for almost three years.

Yes, Petra is looking terribly 2011, isn't she Doug? The bark is even different!

At least I don't have to suffer through Petra vs. Simona :(

Anonymous said...

We suffer the same way, Diane. But they are the ones in the line of media fire. That must be awful. Eugenie is smart enough to realize that they are creeps even though she looks good to the media.

Sabey said...

And I thought (some months ago) that Eugenie was just a pretty face being hyped by the medi! So sad for Simona but very impressed with Genie's poise and fight.
I still say go Petra!

Anonymous said...

Pete Bodo has written an objective, very clean article on the Lucie/Petra match.

Todd.Spiker said...

Diane said... "And I heard a commentator say she now has a "mental coach."

Maybe it'll start a trend. Yeah, probably not. Even if it really should (imagine now many more slams Novotna would have won!).

Diane said...

Yes, Bouchard is indeed the real thing. Funny about "pretty face," though. To me, she doesn't yet have a face (the easier to project things onto her). It always disarms me to see her because she looks so child-like. (It's especially disarming to talk with her because she sounds so "grown-up". She can be scary-good.

Thanks for the link, Anon.

Yes, the mental coach can make a difference. Look what it did for Schiavone. And a certain Pole, who holds "mental coaching" in disdain, could use one really badly about now.

I wish I could treat athletes; I think I would like that a lot.

Anonymous said...

As to Petra, getting away from Stepanek of necessity was salutary. Hmm... Eugenie has a boyish face and a slightly boyish walk too. It is a very nice face but I would not call it pretty.