Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sweeping the court

Li Na and Carlos Rodriguez have parted ways. According to Rodriguez's IMG agent, the academy in Beijing that Rodriguez oversees wants him there and not on the road. Li reportedly did not take the news that well.

Phyllis "Woodie" Walker has been named the Chief Umpire of the 2014 U.S. Open.
Google Maps is calling Wimbledon's former Henman Hill, casually renamed Murray Mound, Henman Hill again. On Sunday, Petra Kvitova, who has reached the 2014 final, suggested it be called Petra Perch.

The Grand Slam committee is "studying" the time violation rule. I have no idea what it means to "study" one of the most clear-cut rules in professional tennis, but perhaps there will soon be a task force that will explain it all.

The last time I went into a pinkberry store, the young woman behind the counter said: "Well, you really belong here!" Until that moment, I'd forgotten I was wearing my Sharapova t-shirt. As I was enjoying my pinkberry fare, another staff member left the counter, came to my table and said "I didn't really know anything about Maria until we started selling Sugarpova. Can you tell some things about her?" So I got to talk about 'Pova for a while. My friend Steve says that I am an expert in JJ-ology, but I think I didn't too badly with Sharapovology that day.


sunny nine said...

I like the Petra Perch thing. :)

The service time violation may be of interest to the Grand Slam Committee now because some players, such as Federer, Wozniacki, Wawrinka etc. have started calling for a shot-clock. Maybe the players thought that introducing new technology may get the committee and umpires going to be strict about the time rather than pay for new technology.

I thought Rodriguez owned the Academy? Does Chinese sport own it?

Diane said...

If they enforce the time rule, Nadal will lose multiple points, and that's one reason (I think) that they don't do it.

I'm not sure who owns the academy, but it isn't Rodriguez. He has a contract.