Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sweeping the court

Petra Kvitova can help you develop a better serve.

But she can't help you become a celebrity.

The U.S. Open is increasing its prize money by $4 million since 2013.

Maria Sharapova leads the rest of the tour on the Road To Singapore.

Steve Tignor suggests that some Wimbledon traditions be broken.

Ana Ivanovic and  Nemanja Kontic have parted ways. Ivanovic is expected to name a new coach for the upcoming hard court season.


sunny nine said...

I had heard about Ivanovic-the way she was talking about her coaching situation, it sounded as though she finally, finally found something that suited her. Now as she always seems to do, she is ditching her coach. She got up to no 11. Is she looking for a coach who only specializes on getting up one more spot in the rankings? She just won her 1st grass tourney. You never know the whole story but she has gone back forth w coaches for a long while now.

Diane said...

"Is she looking for a coach who only specializes on getting up one more spot in the rankings?"

That made me laugh out loud! Who knows?--maybe so. Between Ivanovic and Kuznetsova, they've gone through a whole catalog of coaches over the years.

I hear Paul Annacone will be available soon; he seems to be able to deal with frustration :)

bill said...

Fun to see Marion Bartoli play WTT the other night. She was awesome in mixed doubles and it was a pleasure to see that distinctive service motion.

Diane said...

I watched it this morning. Marion is seemingly everywhere! She really was good in mixed doubles.

Anonymous said...

For three years, Petra's team sought to get her to 'work' the points. That is not what got her to No.2 in 2011.
For the last three tournaments, she returned to what is natural to her: Go for a winner within four strokes unless put on the defensive.
Three years wasted to a certain extent. Moreover, Petra was subjected to the same bad thought that beset Sharapova in 2004: You've won prematurely. Yuri Sharapov drilled that at Maria, and Kotyza did that to Petra. Learn to work the point. No, work it immediately and go for it at the first opening.
Heck, if you've won Wimbledon, you are not premature, you've proved that you are on time, ready, and can win. Jes' sayin'...

Diane said...

I think she does need to know know to "work the points," but she isn't Simona Halep and that's never going to be her mainstay. You're right--she is who she is. However, the continually improved movement is nice. Glad they worked on that.