Monday, March 3, 2014

Sweeping the court

Lindsay Davenport has been elected to the International Tennis Hall of Fame. And, finally, so has Nick Bollettieri. Davenport, who is now a tennis commentator, won three singles majors, three doubles majors and an Olympic gold medal in singles. She was number 1 in the world for 98 weeks.

Today is World Tennis Day.

And speaking of international tennis, I haven't commented before now on the new International Premier Tennis League because I don't understand how two tours filled with complaints about the length of the season would then assent to adding an activity to the off-season. I understand the idea from a marketing standpoint, but with all the injuries, it just doesn't make sense to me.

Women Who Serve wishes a fast, comfortable recovery for Matt Cronin.

A court has dismissed 2008 charges against Sania Mirza. These charges (there have been several over the years--all seemingly ridiculous) have to do with whether Mirza stood with her hands behind her back while the Indian national anthem was being performed.

Here is Serena Williams in the Michael Costello gown she wore to the Vanity Fair Oscars party.


Todd.Spiker said...

Also to the HOF, the first women's WC enshrinee. Not Vergeer, of course, but it surely confirms now that she'll get in when she's eligible. Hopefully, she'll be a first ballot honoree, and won't have to wait as long as Chantal Vandierendon did, though.

Diane said...

I think she'll be a first-ballot honoree, for sure. She's a legend.

sunny nine said...

The ITPL is also appearance fees or what they are officially called-salaries. I just wonder what the players think. The player who started up the League said it won't be exibition-style but a real league. Do the players expect that or are they thinking that it is in lieu of their normal exhibitions? I sorry but it really bothers me especially with some ATP players that complain endlessly about their bodies and not enough time off.

Diane said...

Not being a player, I can't really judge, but I have to wonder if it's worth the money to do something like this in the off-season--or at all. The complaints about not having enough time off just don't jive with this, from my point of view. Are we missing something, Sunny?

sunny nine said...

if it is a real league meaning competition not fun exhibitions is the case, then the ATP and WTA should be upset. Both have worked on shortening the season for their players in response to complaints regarding relaxing their bodies and I suppose mind from competitive matches. So no, things don't jive. I am sorry I can't remember his name but the Indian player who started this up said there wasn't enough exposure of good tennis in Asia general. The way I read about it in NY Times, it all sound like a League to me. Players are expected to compete. And I read somewhere else that fans will want them to compete because each team will be based in a city that represents a region.
Well, I guess it is their bodies. I don't don't think we should be subjected to complaints.
The thing is, again--does management and players have the same thing in mind?
Typing w a broken finger--so haven't gone back for any mistakes

Diane said...

Sorry you broke your finger. Ouch.