Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wimbledon championship predictions

No need for another list--it's unanimous again for Serena.

If she wins, it will be her sixth Wimbledon title and her 17th major.

In the opening round, the defending champion plays Mandy Minella. After that, she's probably going to get the speedy Zheng Jie. Theoretically speaking, the only players in her half who could give her trouble are 2012 runner-up Agnieszka Radwanska--though she tends to wilt the moment she sees Williams on the other side of the net--and Li Na, who will be lucky if she makes it far enough to have to think about Serena.


Todd.Spiker said...

2912? Oh, I HOPE that's a typo... or The Radwanska has gotten Its "hands" on the time machine and we really are all doomed! ;)


Diane said...

I think it was a typo, but now I have to wonder what mysterious force made me hit the "9" key. You know I already suspect It sometimes lurks around in my house.

Anonymous said...

I hope to god, please please please make Williams lose! Go Maria Sharapova!