Wednesday, June 5, 2013

French Open--what they said

It's a matter of applying your game and not allowing Maria to step up, because she loves to be aggressive and hit the first two shots and make you run after the ball. It's going to be definitely a battle.
Victoria Azarenka

The number of stare-downs and glares shot across the net during the Sharapova-Jankovic match made me really wish there was more of that on the men’s tour. It’s fun.
Courtney Nguyen

We have played each other so many times there are really no secrets between each other in terms of our game styles and what we do well and not.
Maria Sharapova

Good Jelena, meet "Bad" Jelena. And get out of the way.
Todd Spiker


Doug said...

In my life, I've only seen two other performances as good as the fantastic win today from Serena v Errani.
Those were: Leconte v Sampras, Davis Cup in '92 and Kvitova v Wickmanyer at Wimbledon in '11. Absolute control and focus. Rare indeed. Firing on all cylinders without a lapse anywhere. Tennis at its finest. Dare I say, "Otherworldly?" Actually, I prefer worldly. It did happen here.

Anonymous said...

It was the '91 Davis Cup. That one has to be up there because Sampras was far more competition to him that were Wickmayer and Errani to Serena. Equally great performances, all three.

Anonymous said...

Correction ..."Wickmayer and Errani to Petra and Serena, respectively."