Monday, June 3, 2013

French Open--what they said

Sometimes I can be very good. Sometimes I have bad days. I'm just a human being, trying to do my job.
Svetlana Kuznetsova

I've been playing here for ten years, and I finally make the quarterfinals. I think I'm improved.
Maria Kirilenko

We had a few freaky points, a few shanks. But overall I was happy with the way I focused most of the match.
Maria Sharapova

The two-time Australian Open champion was lethal and accurate from inside the baseline, never allowing the Italian to dictate play or confuse her with her variety of spins and speeds.
Matt Cronin, commenting on Victoria Azarenka

Can you beat her (Azarenka)?
Of course I can.
Maria Kirilenko

I don't care if I'm under or not under or flying or standing or whatever it is.
Svetlana Kuznetsova, when asked if she was flying under the radar


svente said...

Kuznetsova is great, really enjoy her "come back". Watching now and in the 2nd thus far is giving Williams hell.

But come on! Kirilenko, for me, wins quote of the day! "Of course I can." Great answer! I hope she believes it.

Eric said...

I love that quote from Sveta. So true.

She needs to get back to the Top 8, where she belongs.

Diane said...

Maria has beaten Vika twice, but it's been a while.