Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Passing shots

Thanks to The Slice for this wonderful look at Ana Soler's Causa-Effecto installation at the Mustang Art Gallery in Alicante, Spain. Soler used 2,000 tennis balls to create the art. Be sure to check out the video of the artist hanging the tennis balls.

Beyond the Baseline reports that Venus Williams is relaunching her EleVen line of tennis clothing.

Of her first round Miami win, Alisa Kleybanova said: "For everyone else it's just the first round, but for me it's very emotional. I'll always remember it--it will always be the first match of my comeback."

Anna-Lena Groenefeld and Galina Voskoboeva helped put on a tennis clinic for children in Miami today.

Kim Clijsters says that her plan is to play for the entire 2012 season.


Eric said...

Hi Diane!

I don't post here often enough! :)

I didn't realize Eleven had even shut down...or perhaps i'm not understanding the industry lingo...capsule collection probably means limited release so she would have to relaunch for each collection...she has good taste tho and sports wear is a growing industry...

The more I learn about how the world works, I really feel that the athletes have an upper hand in life...(or i suppose those with talent)...not only are they "cool" in their younger years and successful in their athletic careers, they can retire and have opportunities to have their own fashion lines or do commentating or other lucrative options (spokesmen, motivational speakers, etc.)...This is just an observation...

I hope Venus' line does well. She has good taste (minus the stuff with zippers...don't know what she was thinking didn't seem functional when she wore it to play). Would you buy it Diane? :)

Diane said...

The stores that were carrying EleVen went out of business, so the line had to be "relaunched" in order for it to be distributed with the new designs.

And yes, I like the simplicity of the EleVen designs, as well as the prices, and would consider buying if I were in the market for sports clothing.

You're right, Eric. Successful athletes have so many opportunities to do well after they retire from sports. I'm always more interested in what the other athletes do when they retire, and some of them have pretty good stories, too.

Nice to see you :)

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