Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not to say "I told you so"....

Former world number 1 Caroline Wozniacki has fired her coach of two months, Ricardo Sanchez, and is now working with--all together now!--Piotr Wozniacki. Coach Wozniacki said that Caroline failed to get "new impulses" from working with Sanchez, and that working with two coaches (which you knew she was doing) caused his daughter to get confused.

Wozniacki lost her number 1 ranking after the Australian Open. Australian Open champion Victoria Azarenka is now number 1, and Wozniacki is number 4.

Between the never-seen mystery coach and the barely-seen Sanchez, it seems more obvious than ever that the Wozniacki pair will continue to work together. Sanchez had signed a one-year contract, and one assumes he knew (I mean, if I knew) that Piotr Wozniacki was not going to step aside.

In March and April, Wozniacki has titles to defend in Indian Wells and Charleston (this is assuming that she'll play in Charleston). In 2011, she reached the third round of the French Open, in which she was defeated by Daniela Hantuchova.


Karen said...

I have been trying to find the post that I made when we all agreed that this would not last long. I have no idea why people thought that it would work. I was actually looking forward to the on court consultations, but word is that they could not understand each other. You would have thought that a simple thing like language would have been discussed prior to the hire.

It seemed at the time that it was a desperation move to stem the critique going into the AO and to have a ready made excuse if she faltered once again at the Majors, but anyone with half a brain knew that this would surely not have lasted.

Diane said...

Of course it wasn't going to last. Like you, I'm not sure it was even intended to last. I guess now we wait and see whether Wozniacki takes more risks in match play.

Todd.Spiker said...

Hmmm, Ricardo and Jelena... together again?

I know JJ is working with another coach, but this might be one of those cases where two souls simply are fated to "find each other" again. Or maybe "deserve each other" is the correct phrase? :D

Diane said...

They do seem to "belong" together. It wouldn't surprise me if they had another go at it.

Anonymous said...

The moment I heard about Wozniacki still being coached by her father, despite having Sanchez as her new coach, the whole thing looked doomed.
She needs to cut ties with her father - in a tennis sense - otherwise she's never going to get where she wants to be.