Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wimbledon--what they said

I didn't play my best tennis today, but Serena didn't allow me to play my best tennis.
Vera Zvonareva

I was thinking because we decide to play three tournaments. Birmingham we did semifinal, 's‑Hertogenbosch we did final. After the final, I said, Now we have to win Wimbledon.
Yaroslava Shvedova

I've never really cared what people said, how they said whether I should be playing tennis and hitting balls or whatever. It never really bothered or mattered to me.
Serena Williams 

When you won, most people throw their racquets in the air and jump up and down. You just walked to the net.
I'm not like this. I don't know. I was happy, of course, but I don't need to do something like this.
Kristyna Pliskova

Just to return is not enough; you've got to be able to put it somewhere so you don't get killed on the second shot.
Vera Zvonareva

I wonder what she's like, chopping a pile of bricks, Vesnina. She could do a good job with that.
Jo Durie

Is there a chance you'll still be playing at 38, do you think?
If I am, I want you to personally take me off and escort me off the court. There's no way I need to be out here at 38.
Serena Williams

I was like, it's so nice, like, Billie Jean watching Vania King. It's a big honor like she was watching us. I was like feel also like more kind of confidence and very nice. I was like wanted to show, we can show the great tennis and show fun more.
Yaroslava Shvedova

Maybe sometimes I went for too much and sometimes I didn't attack enough.
Vera Zvonareva

I think maybe they were more nervous than we were. Her coach had a beer before the match to relax, which is funny because he's the more calm one.
Vania King

I think I made a mistake today. I stepped back, and I should have been more aggressive on her second serve. But, you know, it's something that I will keep in my mind for the future.
Vera Zvonareva

Every time we go on the court, that's one of the reasons we have such a good time on the court is because we're such good friends. Every time we go on the court, we enjoy spending time together. Our games come together so well. It's the best to have this title with her.
Vania King


Anonymous said...

Great assortment of comments. I especially liked the one about Serena playing until she's 38. So funny!

Nice post.

Diane said...

Thanks, Ben. Serena is always good for some quotes.