Friday, July 2, 2010

Wimbledon--what they said

What about when you're not practicing or you're not playing matches and you're eating dinner or watching TV? Is it, I'm happy, this is where I want to be?
No, I'm just really always just happy to be competing and to be healthy to be here. Like I always say, to have this opportunity is really unbelievable.
Serena Williams

I will just have to try to play the game that's bothering her the most.
Vera Zvonareva, referring to Serena Williams

In some ways is it easier not playing your sister in the final? That must affect your emotions a little bit.
Well, honestly I would feel like I would almost rather play her because at least I know for certain one of us is gonna win something and take something home. But now it's a 50/50 chance. So in a way, I didn't realize how good a feeling that was.
Serena Williams

I got a picture with him. That brightened up my day so much.
Laura Robson, referring to David Beckham

Do you remember learning how to serve and who taught that to you?
Yeah, I remember my dad taught us how to serve. Always at the end of practice, we would just serve. Venus and I would serve on either side, but with each other. We always talked a lot. I don't remember serving; I just remember talking. Lord knows what we were talking about, but we never stopped talking, unless my dad was looking at us, then we would serve. Then when he wasn't looking, we would just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk...
Serena Williams

It was a lot of fun playing on Centre Court, even if I didn't get the result I wanted.
Laura Robson

If there is something inside of you that's stopping you from bringing the best out of the yourself, you need to scream at yourself, pump yourself up, break that racquet, I will do it if I know it will help me to perform better. Why not?
Vera Zvonareva

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