Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lisicki not able to return to the tour right now

Sabine Lisicki had announced, some time ago, that she would resume playing in Portoroz. Obviously, she did not do so. She was packed and ready to go, she says, but a last-minute visit to the doctor ended her plans to play in the Slovenia Open. Lisicki's physician told her that if she played, she would be doing so at risk, so now she is waiting for a medical go-ahead to return to the tour.


bill said...

What a star-crossed career. Here's hoping she'll be healthy and back on tour soon.

Sunny nine said...

It is difficult to hear this. She is one of the few WTA players who has a great serve. Wanted to see to go toe to toe with Serena or Sam once to see just how good it is.

Diane said...

The thing about Lisicki's serve that's so great is the degree to which she varies it. She hits it fast up the T, then way out wide, then suddenly quite soft, not allowing her opponent to get a return-of-serve rhythm. I hope that when she comes back, she can stay healthy. She has to go back to square one way too much.