Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Date Krumm defeats Safina in first round of Stanford play

The situation wasn't as dramatic this time: It wasn't the French Open, and Kimiko Date Krumm wasn't wincing in pain and forced to move on one leg. The outcome was the same, however. Last night, in the first round of the Bank of the West Classic, Date Krumm defeated the former world number 1 4-6, 7-6 (0), 6-2.

Safina led 5-4 in the second set, and appeared to be on her way to winning the match. Neither player was serving especially well, but Kimiko Date broke through to force a third set, in which Safina did not hold serve one time.

Safina, who has had serious problems with her back for months, is currently ranked number 35 in the world.


Sunny nine said...

Do we really know what is going on with the back? After she is off awhile Safina says there is no pain but then it seems to come back. Is this career-threatening? Obviously there is going to be confidence problems along with this. I mean, with such a delicate back, can you mentally feel like you can "go all out" on a serve or other shot? Dinara has a long road ahead.

Diane said...

Safina said that she was told that the injury might be career-threatening. It has to be on her mind all the time, and she had confidence problems before she even sustained the injury.

I feel really bad for her, and I miss her presence on the tour. Safina is a such a wonderful character, and this is such bad fortune.

Sunny nine said...

I just read this quote on the WTA Tour Insight Blog from Safina after the match: ""In the important moments she played well," said Safina, who was playing her first tournament since the week before Wimbledon. "It was my first match back from injury, so I'm pretty positive and will keep working hard to improve day by day. My back feels fine, and that is the most important thing.""

She is trying to remain positive which is something that is evident from her last FB entry but I still can't believe that there isn't something in the back of her mind regarding the injury.

Diane said...

The last time she was told her back was completely healed, it went out on her, so yes--she has to be thinking about it.

Overhead Spin said...

In an interview with Matt Cronin, Safina has implied that the problem is not her back but her loss of confidence and the fact that when she comes on court to play these days there is no fear from her opponents comparable to when she held the No. 1 ranking.

She does not seem to imply from the interview that she is having any physical issues as she stated in the interview on more than one occassion that the lack of respect from her opponent across the net is what is contributing to her losses, rather than any physical issues.

The link to the article is here

Diane said...

I'm sure her confidence is at an all-time low. But given that when she was told her back was "100% healed" and after one match, it went out on her, there has to be some doubt about that, too. Dinara's story is a sad one right now; I really hope it changes.

bill said...

Even with Safina's troubles, Date Krumm is inspiring. Perseverance personified.

Diane said...

I know. I wish Kimiko hadn't retired when she did, but it's a real treat to have her back.