Saturday, July 3, 2010

13 and counting: Serena wins Wimbledon championship

After Serena Williams returned from showing the crowd her latest Venus Rosewater dish, she re-entered the Wimbledon clubhouse, which was lined with a regiment of serious-looking people in uniforms. Halfway through the formation, she lifted the dish, did a complete twirl, then executed a funky little kick. It was a great--and charming--moment for the now four-time Wimbledon champion. Nothing says "Serena" like a straight-sets win, a brilliant smile, and a spontaneous twirl for the offiicials.

Williams who won 6-3, 6-2, performed with clinical precision against Vera Zvonareva, who played some of her best tennis to get to the final. And while Zvonareva had some opportunities in the final, they were few and far between, and Zvonareva was unable to execute most of them because of the constant pressure she was under. Williams, who added nine more aces to her Wimbledon tally, giving her a total of 89, sustained a first serve win percentage of 94 throughout the match. She was 100% successful at the net (14 of 14), and hit 29 winners. Zvonareva never saw a break opportunity, and was dominated by Williams throughout.

Williams, who didn't drop a set at the tournament, has now won thirteen majors, and she shows no signs of letting up. She has had more than her share of injuries, and has vulnerable knees, yet--time after time--she overcomes her physical issues and plays seven successful matches at a major.

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Overhead Spin said...

It was a fantastic performance by the World No.1. She showed all her skills today in this match. One thing that has never been acknowledged is Serena's defence. She moved exceptionally well today and never gave Vera a chance to get into the match. Not even a glimmer of hope.

Her serve was just impeccable today but off the ground she was even more awesome. She hardly missed a shot today and the stats tell the tale.

She was asked a question in her presser about if she could improve anything in her game what would she choose from any player. She said Nadal's speed, Federer's forehand but she would keep her serve and get Venus' reach. That is telling them.

I have heard quite a few players now mentioning that they would love to have Serena's serve. Thank goodness that the women are now looking at their own for inspiration. Fantastic performance.

Loved the interview with Carillo afterwards. Seems like they have made up until the next time :)

I understand that Vera had a bit of a meltdown in the doubles today. It was coming but it is unfortunate that it had to happen in the public eye rather than in private where I felt she wanted to let it all out.