Friday, June 19, 2009

Quote of the day

"To say what she said yesterday in the French newspaper, that is not really brilliant. I guess that is just the way she is."
Marion Bartoli, on comments Virginie Razzano made about her in L'Equipe


Anonymous said...

What did Razzanno say?

Diane said...

Translated from the French:

"You get the impression that on court it's okay by her to use any means to win: calling on the trainer, crying, limping."

Craig said...

Yes, and the ensuing 'handshake controversy' has only called more attention to Razzano's behaviour (there's a bit of a flame war going on on YouTube about this!). For Bartoli fans, though, ultimately the larger priority remains Wimbledon and Marion's health!

Diane said...

Razzano is a highly amusing woman, but she is all over the place all the time; she has no inner editor.