Sunday, June 14, 2009


I've already mentioned this--but just in case you're looking for it--Wimbledon Live is no more. This is such a loss to those of us who either want to watch Wimbledon from somewhere other than our homes, or who simply want to watch a match that is not on television. I know I'll really miss the service.

Happy Birthday to Steffi Graf, whose most recent tennis event was the set she played against Kim Clijsters at the ceremony marking the addition of a retractable roof at Wimbledon Centre Court.

Madison Keys has withdrawn from junior Wimbledon competition. She also missed the junior French Open tournament because of ongoing problems with her hips.

Bruce Jenkins, of the San Francisco Chronicle, calls Michelle Larcher de Brito's screaming "juvenile, rude, devious, pathetic, and weak-minded."

A chilling commentary: I took the Nielsen survey for, and, as I have come to expect, "writing" was not included on the very long list of leisure activities. But--here's the frightening part--neither was "reading."


Mike said...

Wimbledon Live. Now I'm confused. I hope that your information is out of date, because Wimbledon Live is in fact my only possible way to watch the tournament.

Diane said...

I am right and I am wrong. My understanding--from the company that runs the service--is that the service was not going to be repeated. Apparently, there was either a change of mind or I was given information pertaining only to the U.S.

So if you live in the U.S., Wimbledon Live is no more. Same for a number of other countries. No Wimbledon Live for me.

Mike said...

I guess there will be other company running it. I've read that mediazone has pulled back, but here someone wrote about IMG Media. Anyway, as I'm from Poland, I'm looking forward to these "more details", because it's less than week left and no specific information.

Mike said...

And, actually, as far as I heard, in the U.S. ESPN runs an online coverage (ESPN360, right?), so maybe try this.

Diane said...

My ISP doesn't carry ESPN 360. I have bad luck all the way around.

Roi said...

How unfair is that Bruce Jenkins article.

I agree: noise rules must be set, such screams are juvenile, Rezai had every right to complain, Sharapova and the Williams sisters get away with it cause or their results... same old, same old.

Also juvenile? Taking advantage of writing professionaly to attack an underage player, but attacking her in such a way that people would think of her as an awful person (forget about athleticism, Mr Jenkins doesnt care about that in his rant). I really cant believe some things he wrote.

Diane said...

I thought it was over the top, too, Roi. He makes her out to be the anti-Christ.

Mike said...

So, Diane, my last idea for you is bet365. You can put there completely fictitious personal details and it's better to give a least used e-mail address - that's what I was told. However, I've never tried it myself so I can't recommend it. Here you can learn more.

Diane said...

Thanks, Vizz--I'll take a look. I have had some luck with, but it's hit and miss. Sometimes they have what I want, usully they don't. More luck with men's matches than with WTA. And they don't post a schedule until the day of the event.

It's not bad, though. When Tennis TV shut down during the Acapulco final, I was able to watch it on And recently, when our local affiliate pre-empted the Stanley Cup, my husband was able to watch it on