Monday, May 18, 2009

Quote of the day

"After a couple of years feeling not so good, at least I will arrive feeling a little bit better 'tennistically'."
Amelie Mauresmo, on her prospects for the French Open


Lynn said...

Lovely to look at and hilarious to listen to. What a woman! :)

P.S. You might note that top-seed Caroline Wozniacki withdrew from Warsaw today too. She would have met Sharapova in her first match.

Diane said...

I saw that. She said her back was bothering her. I was expecting the withdrawal.

Beatka said...

Warsaw open is turning in really a bizarre tournament. I didn't have good feeling about it since the date was changed and now I think the whole thing stinks! So if the player advances and she misses her chances of playing in Rolland Garros (those who can only play qualies), what they are suppose to do?

Anonymous said...

awwww momo and her special words. what are the other ones? remember "agressivety"? lol



Diane said...

Beatka, my assumption is--should that occur--that French Open qualifying match would be postponed. Not a very good situation, but better than sticking one red clay tournament right before and one during Charleston.

All together now...Thanks, Larry Scott!