Sunday, May 31, 2009

French Open--what they said

"...I was really, really prepared for this match. I was not going on the court like, you know, it will be easy and I was not going on the court like it will be tough...."
Dominika Cibulkova

"It was always going on the court not to lose a match, and of course it's always difficult to play when you step on the court and you're afraid of losing. Then you don't play even your game."
Dinara Safina, discussing her change in attitude

"It did upset her sometimes, but I made so many mistakes that I never really gave her a chance to make mistakes. I was trying to take risks, but I missed very often. I made many unforced errors."
Aravane Rezai, on her loss to Dinara Safina

"Overall, I'm trying to dominate, because there is no other chance for me. I'm not a roadrunner player, otherwise it's going to be long match."
Dinara Safina

"...I started really well, and I felt really good in the beginning. Then after the third game, actually after first point in the fourth game, I just suddenly started feeling so dizzy, and I completely lost my balance. Ever since then it was really hard. I struggled with like looking up. I started feeling very dizzy, and I was struggling a little bit to find my balance."
Ana Ivanovic, on her match against Victoria Azarenka

"I've learned a lot. I've learned to feel happier on the court, to be more mature, calmer, to have more fun. This is what I've learned."
Aravane Rezai

"My coach is very important in my career, especially my tennis coach. He's been with me for a very long time. Without him, I wouldn't be here."
Victoria Azarenka

"Her career has included an improbable comeback, major injuries, blown calls that sparked the introduction of electronic line calling, her family’s boycott of a marquee tournament in Indian Wells, California, and enough costume changes and mood swings to populate a season at La Scala."
Christopher Clarey of the New York Times, writing about Serena Williams

"...last time I went for dinner when he was here, he told me, like, So who earned the most money last two weeks please pay for dinner."
Dinara Safina, talking about her brother, Marat

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