Saturday, May 30, 2009

French Open--what they said

Who's your best friend on the tour?
"My mother."
Elena Dementieva

Can you say something about her strengths and her weaknesses--Radwanska's tennis?
"She moves well. She reads the game well. It's her strength. Weaknesses, I will keep it to myself."
Svetlana Kuznetsova

"Then the whole crowd decided to stand up and put their hands together for me for this match point. It was something I deserved, really. We deserved because we fought till the very end, and to end with such a match point, this is like a dream."
Virginie Razzano

"In the past, I've been--I always look too far ahead. You know, I already saw myself in the final, and, you know, all these kind of things and put a lot of pressure on myself, but now I'm not doing that at all. Whatever happens, happens."
Jelena Jankovic
"She better not come to the net again."
Serena Williams, exasperated after losing a point that should have gone to her when a ball hit her opponent's body at the net

Is it one of your bigger disappointments here in Paris?
"I had so many."
Elena Dementieva

"...I just felt good, and never kind of doubted or anything. Each day is different, but I think if I can keep playing the way I have been, anything is possible."
Samantha Stosur, on her upset of Elena Dementieva

"It's my mistake, I know. I knew I couldn't place it exactly here. It had to be placed on the side, on the shoulder, almost. She said, 'Well, you have to use another T‑shirt, otherwise you might be fined.' I said, 'Please try and find me a T‑shirt because I said I have no other T‑shirt. Either it's bare chested or naked or this way, and never mind the fine.'"
Virginie Razzano, on being asked, during the match, by a tour representative to change her shirt because of an incorrectly placed patch

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