Thursday, May 28, 2009

French Open--what they said

(Marion Bartoli's and Alize Cornet's remarks are translated.)

You said her attitude was a bit strange. What do you mean by this?

"Well, it's her clan. When I made unforced errors, her team would shout. It's not sportslike. They're Italians."
Marion Bartoli, on her loss to Tathiana Garbin

"You need to enjoy. You need to enjoy the battle. You need to enjoy the challenges. You need to enjoy everything. You need to go to the courts with a smile on your face."
Jelena Jankovic

"I didn't know what to do, if I had to get in the court, to wait from the baseline, be active or passive. And I did a bit of everything, which means a bit of nothing."
Alize Cornet, on her loss to Sorana Cirstea

"It was so cold, freezing out there. The balls were stuck on the strings of the racquet, so that's why there were many break points, and the ball was too slow. It was not to my benefit. It was never something I could do well, you know, to hit the ball and to have many moon balls."
Marion Bartoli

"I just usually congratulate myself on doing something good and correct the bad and not dwell. Dwelling can kill you on the court."
Venus Williams

Would you rather play just a little bit out of the spotlight rather than being in it like you started the year, the number 1, the person everyone is expecting to win the Grand Slam?
"I want to get back to that spotlight."
Jelena Jankovic

"I was so stressed before I started, it probably used some of my energy. When I walk on the court, I'm a bit stressed, and, you know, you waste a lot of energy before the match."
Alize Cornet

Today I saw that you didn't enjoy anything on court. Do you think that one day you'll enjoy playing on clay?
"Now that's a question."
Marion Bartoli


Anonymous said...

Bartoli's press moment was hilarious. And the reporters next line : "But your Italian." was something from a Woody Allen flim.

Diane said...

LOL. You're right.