Sunday, May 31, 2009

Defending champion out, top seed very much in

Dinara Safina has now dropped only five games en route to the quarterfinals of the French Open. Today, she defeated Aravane Rezai 6-1, 6-0.

The defending champion, Ana Ivanovic, was handily defeated by Victoria Azarenka, who--a couple of weeks ago--looked very awkward on red clay, and who suddenly looks as though she were born in Spain or Italy. Azarenka made only seven unforced errors in her 6-2, 6-3 victory over Ivanovic, though Ivanovic hit several more winners than Azarenka.

Ivanovic said that during the first point of the fourth game, she began to feel dizzy, and that the dizziness continued every time she looked up. Obviously, this had an effect on the outcome of the match. At this time, I have no idea what caused the dizziness, however.

I didn't get to see the match between Agnes Szavay and Dominika Cibulkova, but I did see highlights. It appeared that Cibulkova easily dictated play to produce her 6-2, 6-4 victory.

I also didn't get to see Maria Sharapova play Li Na, but I understand, from checking around, that I didn't miss much. Sharapova won, 6-4, 0-6, 6-4.


Anonymous said...

Saw Cibulkova play for the first time at the Hopman Cup earlier this year and the way she played! How she beat Dinara in the! She's tiny but a fighter. I'm happy she's still in the tournament.

Man, what's going on at RG? Male #1 and #4 seeds out, #2 on his way, defending women's champion out too (after she'd started finding her groove)... But through it all Maria and Serena and JJ too find a way to gut it out and Dinara...well she's cruising. The only prediction may be that it's unpredictable (though a bit more on the men's side than on the women's). Enjoy the tennis and the shocks!


Diane said...

I first saw Cibulkova play in 2006 and I was very impressed. At the time, she wasn't a known factor, but I felt strongly that she would become one.

This is one crazy French Open!

Laura B said...

Dinara looks like a woman on a mission. She has streamrolled her path through the draw. Who is going to be able to stop her?

Diane said...

I think there are two women left who could dismantle the Thrill Ride--Azarenka and Serena. It's shocking to me how well Azarenka is playing on red clay when--just a couple of weeks ago--she could hardly stand up on it. Serena, of course, is Serena.

I'm not saying I think either of them will beat Dinara--I just think they represent danger for her. On paper, so could Kuznetsova, but she mostly represents danger to herself.

Anonymous said...

No sooner do I give JJ kudos for still being in the tournament than she loses. It's upset city right now in Paris. Except for Dinara who keeps steamrolling everyone. Predictably, Serena's form is also starting to improve. Must watch tennis...I love it!