Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Your worst suspicions are true

Dubai officials feared a fan boycott if Shahar Peer play in the Barclays Dubai Tennis Championships.


dearg said...

Diane I'm quiet suprised, I knew The Wall Street Journal was a sponsor of the Dubai tournie but they have dropped their sponsorship.
I did expect News Corp (Rupert Murdoch) would do anything. Their record in record in China is a different matter. News Corp owns SKY and I think DTV (correct me if I'm wrong that's cable operator in America).
Newsweek is another sponsor but I'm not sure if News Corp owns them.

dearg said...

Apologies for the typo, I meant to say, I did not believe they (News Corp) would do anything.
If Rupert pulls the plug it's goodnight Dubai.

Sasha said...

If Andy Ram does get the go ahead for next week's Dubai tournament (which I doubt he will), the level of security will be at an almost insane level

Diane said...

Wow. Good for WSJ Europe.