Monday, February 9, 2009

You have to hand it to Radwanska...

She has no internal editor. The candid, sometimes sullen, world number 9--who does not suffer fools gladly in interviews and who always speaks her mind--had this to say when asked by reporters at the Open GDF SUEZ what she thinks about the new rules about obligatory play:

Translated from the French: "That's a good question you're asking me, because in fact I did not want to play this tournament. I wanted to play in Pattaya (I won the tournament last year), but as Vera Zvonareva is already there, WTA appointed me to play here instead. I am not happy, I find that even bad, but what can I do?"

The TENFEM writer points out that the tournament's official website contains an official interview transcript entitled "Great to be in Paris."

I doubt if the two sentiments are really that inconsistent: A person can certainly not want to be at a particular tournament, but that person would have to be certifiably nuts not to want to be in Paris.

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