Saturday, February 21, 2009

We have our hero, and he's not in the WTA

In her editorial about the Shahar Peer situation, Aaress at On the Baseline turned the tour's marketing phrase, "Looking for a Hero," on its head. Well, we finally have a hero, and his name is Andy Roddick. Roddick, the defending champion in Dubai, has withdrawn from the tournament because of the Dubai officials' refusal to grant Peer a visa.

This is one tennis fan who sends a big virtual bouquet to Roddick for taking a stand that includes action.


RoƱoso said...

A hero indeed. Whats the logic in this?

Players defending a lot of points: Played or will be playing there.

Players defending almost nothing: Played or will be playing there.

Player defending a title: One played, the other wont.

The logic is simple, its more important to be a real human being than any amount of money or ranking. Specially when money and ranking are nothing to be concern about.

Anonymous said...

I know, was shocked when I saw it announced on ESPN and he's DEFENDING champion as well. Hmmm, 5 of top ten men absent... You know that's going to be a hefty fine for Andy especially since he didn't fake an injury. Hero found. Bravo, Andy!

I wonder if all the women players had gotten together and voted not to play unless Shahar could, if they might've been able to force the hand of the powers that be. Maybe next year. BTW, Venus mentioned Pe'er in her victory speech.