Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mauresmo withdraws from Dubai

Open GDF SUEZ champion Amelie Mauresmo has withdrawn from the Barclays Dubai Tennis Championships. The way the draw is set up, Mauresmo would have traveled overnight, arrived in Dubai and played her first round without any chance to rest.


Sasha said...

That's a shame. Who is replacing her?

Sasha said...

Don't worry! It's Andreja Klepac.

Herzblut said...

wise of her, I think.....she must be tired emotionally after last week!
Have you seen the article/pictures of her in the Advocate, Diane?I'm just in from Borders and got me a copy....not read it yet. Used to have a sub. for the Advocate, but just get the occasional one now - I collect 'Momorabilia' so this will go in the collection....beautiful black and white picture.....

Diane said...

No way anyone around here is going to stock The Advocate. I was in the city today--I wish I'd known.

Anonymous said...

hi Crafty, I read the artical online (since they don't sell it in NZ). The public library used to have it a few years ago but it was alway 2 months behind.

The online artical didn't have a b/w pic though. which pic did they use?


Herzblut said...

hi dani,

it was one I haven't seen before...a full page profie, face only, in black and white; very moody, sensuous, and quite stunning: worthy of a photographic award, I'd say(not that I'm biased, of course.....)

didn't know you are in NZ! Xena was mostly filmed there, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

hi Crafty, yes Xena is/was one of the things we are known in the world for.

oh do you mind scanning the momo pic and email it to me?

I have a few of b/w momo pics but I'm not sure if they used an old photo or shot a new one. Thanks heaps!!!!!

oh gosh how awsome is Lucy Lawless. I think my lesbian social study teacher figured out I was gay when I did a project on Lucy Lawless (with mostly pictures) for the famous Kiwis theme when I was 13. ;-)


p.s. someone just posted some pictues of Amelie at the opening of her name sack Gym. She and her mum looks like they are wearing fur - I just hope its fake fur!!!!