Monday, June 30, 2008

What they said--day 7

"I was almost playing in the parking lot. I almost need a helicopter to go to my court."
Jelena Jankovic seems some of the top women--Jelena Jankovic was on Court 18--have to play out and around the courts, whereas certainly Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are never asked to leave centre and No. 1.
"Well, you said it. It's true."
Venus Williams

Were you aware that Jankovic, the No. 2 seed, played on Court 18?
"18, I saw that, yeah. That was kind of bonkers, yeah."
Bethanie Mattek

"Can I say, wow, wow, wow?"
Tamarine Tanasugarn

Is there anything atmosphere-wise that you like about playing on Court 2...
"I'm actually really tall, so I feel a little cramped."
Venus Williams

"It's not worth it to be scared out there. You get a chance, you might as well go for it."
Bethanie Mattek

...your press conference, your first one, was so fresh and alive, and it showed so much--
"Are you saying it's not fresh and alive now?"
Alla Kudryavtseva

What are those differences and similarities between you and Venus when you play each other?
"I think Venus hits harder serves than I do...You don't have to nod your head that vigorously."
Serena Williams

"I was making a joke....I thought, well, if I just say, well, it's only tennis and everything, it will be quite boring. So I decided to freshen it up, and look what happened."
Alla Kudrysvtseva, on how reporters took her cheeky comment regarding Sharapova's outfit (and the sports press) and turned it into an "insult"

(And speaking of Kudryavtseva, be sure to check out her funniest interview moment.)

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