Thursday, June 26, 2008

What they said

From day 4 Wimbledon interviews:

What stage did you realize today that Maria was really off her game and she was there for the taking?
"Well, I realized Maria is not playing that great when she double‑faulted three times."
Alla Kudryavtseva

"Some days they don't bounce where you want them to bounce or they don't land where you want them to land."
Maria Sharapova

People say the women's game is predictable. It hasn't been predictable for the last two days.
"It's guys. They always say the women's game is predictable. They always say you women can't serve, you don't go to the net, you can't slice. No, we can do it all. We're strong. Don't listen to them."
Alla Kudryavtseva

Are you watching the football tonight?
Of course. That's why I'm rushing.
Dinara Safina

You suggested the other day that taking the time off between would be better, would be beneficial to you.
"Hey, now I have more time off. Better be careful what I wish for."
Maria Sharapova

Have you ever had a net cord decide a very important point in a match for you?
"No. I need to get a little luckier first, so...I'm working on it."
Venus Williams

You wound up winning the game (in which there was a replay).
"That's one game I didn't lose."
Maria Sharapova

Why (was it especially significant to beat Sharapova)?
"Why? Well, I don't like her outfit. Can I put it this way?"
Alla Kudryavtseva

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