Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Larcher de Brito watch--today's news is bad

Michelle Larcher de Brito did not make it past the first round of Wimbledon qualifying; she was defeated by Stephanie Foretz.

In better news, Sesil Karatantcheva defeated Elizabeth Thomas of Great Britain.

And in terrible news, Alicia Molik did not get past the first round of qualifying, either. She lost to Tatiana Poutchek.


Todd Spiker said...

Molik has taken a somewhat disturbing step back this season after seeming to have made progress in her comeback last year. :(

Diane said...

I know. It doesn't look too good for her, does it? That's a sad thing, too.

Anonymous said...

we got word here in aus she is contemplating her future after the olympics (where she is looking for a wildcard) because of her injuries (specifically golfers elbow)
she really is unlucky

Diane said...

That's really sad, David. I knew she had a bad case of golfer's elbow; I didn't know it had come to this.

Anonymous said...

yeah it is sad, I'm really hoping it doesn't come to that, and maybe she will just decide to take the remainder of the year off after the olympics, and come back during the Australian summer