Friday, June 27, 2008

Gimelstob's latest "punishment"

World Team Tennis suspended him for one match, without pay. Ouch--that hurts! I also read that he apologized to WTT and to Kournikova. But there has still been no public apology to Kournikova, and no apology from him while he is on television.

Of course, any apology he makes is phony because one does not recover from a lifetime of bigotry in a flash. He will continue to make sexist remarks--as will his fellow commentators--and he will get away with it. He promised not to make any more horrible misogynistic (my word) remarks, but I doubt he realizes that those are only an extension of the sexist comments he makes constantly.


Anonymous said...

I have never heard him commentate, but from what i read, he sounds pathetic, really. He should be fired, and have nothing to do with tennis.
I knew there must be a reason why i never liked him as a player

Anonymous said...

Why is there a double standard with Imus?

Diane said...

fefe, could you be a bit more specific? To which double standard are you referring?