Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thanks for nothing, ESPN

Last weekend, I was surprised and disappointed to find that only one of the Stanford semifinal matches was shown live on ESPN2. The other was shown late at night, and I already knew the outcome, though I did watch it. I just checked the ESPN schedule, and that is going to be the pattern throughout the U.S. Open Series.

The Tennis Channel, which my cable company cannot get, is showing a fully live schedule, as is CBS, with its tournaments.

ESPN2 has always shown the U.S. hardcourt season live, even before the U.S. Open Series was established in 2004. The Series is obviously paying ESPN a busload, shall we say, of money, and in exchange, we get one live match per day.


ken said...

I think we could start a blog that highlights all of ESPN's missteps. I seem to be writing to them all the time to complain about something.

Diane said...

We could call it The ESPY Awards...