Friday, July 20, 2007

Sprem out for at least 6 months

Karolina Sprem at the 2007 Family Circle Cup, where she was having trouble with her knee, and eventually had to retire because of her hip

Karolina Sprem, once a hot up-and-comer on the tour, has had nothing but injuries for the last few years. Her elbow has been giving her trouble for at least a year, and now she must drop out of the tour for a while. I do not know whether she is going to have surgery, but that seems like a logical step.


codepoke said...

Sorry, but nutrition is the logical next step. RSI injuries all over the body point to a simple lack of nutrients - much like someone who undereats and over-exercises.


Forgive the rant.

Diane said...

Actually, that occurred to me, too, even though I don't know a lot about physiology. But her body is so vulnerable, one can't help but think her bones and muscles just aren't that strong.