Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rodionova defaulted from Cincinnati tournament

Russia's Anastasia Rodionova was defaulted from the Cincinnati tournament today

Anyone who has ever seen Anastasia Rodionova play tennis know she is hot-tempered. Today, her temper got her thrown out of the Western & Southern Financial Group Women's Open in Cincinnati--or did it? I don't have too many details yet, but I know that she was very annoyed with some fans who were yelling while a point was being played. The umpire told them to stop, but something else must have happened because, a bit later, Rodionova whacked a ball into the fence. The umpire consulted with the tournament referee, Rodionova was cited for being unprofessional and causing potential danger, and then she was tossed out.

Rodionova isn't exactly a player you warm up to easily, but she is probably no brattier than Nicole Vaidisova was a couple of years ago or Marat Safin was until recently. And none of them is even worth mentioning in the same breath as the outrageously crude John McEnroe. I am not saying this to excuse her behavior. I just want to know what it is she said that got her defaulted. Because hitting a tennis ball into the fence is not that uncommon. In fact, Rodionova told the news media that she hit the ball into the middle of the fence precisely because she did not want to create any danger.


Anonymous said...

rodionova hit the ball at the area where the fans that she was annoyed with were sitting. She hit the ball to intimidate these fans and in my, outsider watching perspective, that is always unacceptable behavior of a professional athlete. Fans pay to watch and should not be endangered by tempermental players. Her comments in the interview she said something to the effect that "don't sit in the front row if you are afraid of the ball"

Anonymous said...

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