Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Post match press conferences are always bad, but this one was beyond the pale

It was nice to see Amelie Mauresmo, who normally takes the tennis press's idiocy in stride, give some of the "interviewers" what they deserved after she failed to defend her title at Wimbledon. Here is a typical exchange:

Q. Are you very disappointed or just disappointed?

AMÉLIE MAURESMO: What do you think?

Q. From your face I see disappointed, not very disappointed.

AMÉLIE MAURESMO: Well, I'm a good actress then.

Q. So are you, yes or no?

AMÉLIE MAURESMO: I think I answered that.

Q. Who do you think is going to win the championship now?

AMÉLIE MAURESMO: I don't care right now.

Q. You must be very disappointed not to care.

When I think of how much money these people must make, it makes me feel ill.

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Anonymous said...

I think Wimbledon has shown its true colours this year. It's a poorly managed tournament and the players don't really enjoy it. They have to adapt their games for a very short 8 week grass court season and Wimbledon treats the players and touring officials as second class citizens. I think the post-match interviews are showing this. Mauresmo lost, but Nadal who won is still fuming as are others who have won to go on. Bad tourney!