Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Now even I'm convinced Davenport is returning

I have avoided reporting the so-called news about Lindsay Davenport's return to pro tennis because all it consisted of was "maybe" and "we'll see" and "Olympics." No more. Today, Davenport announced she has entered the Pilot Pen tournament in New Haven in August. She will play doubles only, with Lisa Raymond.

Davenport gave birth to her first child five and a half weeks ago, and--prior to that event--had said she could not imagine ever returning to the tour. Her sudden departure was bittersweet for fans, who wished her well, but who wanted more of her. The last few years of her career have been frustrating for fans---and I'm sure for her--as she was a repeated finalist in Grand Slams, but could not win them. She was hampered by a semifinal injury in the 2004 U.S. Open final, by total exhaustion (she literally could not move at one point in the final) in the 2005 Australian Open final, and by Venus Williams in the thrilling 2005 Wimbledon final.

Davenport has three Grand Slam titles and an Olympic gold medal, but most fans and experts agree that in the past few years, she was a better player than she was when she won those tournaments.


ken said...

Well, Diane. Now you must come to CT for the Pilot Pen! I was just making my plans this morning for going. I imagine she will be a huge draw. I hope they didn't give her as hard a time about entering this year as they did last!

Diane said...

I wish I could go to Pilot Pen. The one time I saw Davenport play was in the 2005 Family Circle Cup round of 16. She was defeating Henin, then had to retire with an injury. Henin went on to win the tournament.