Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Maybe some children don't count

The sports media loves to write about "moms on tour." How does Sybille Bammer do it? How How did Evonne Goolagong do it? Such articles have increased since new mother Lindsay Davenport has announced she is returning to the tour: How will Davenport do it? Once, I actually saw a feature about dads on the ATP tour, and even though it was equally stupid, at least it acknowledged that men, too, are parents.

So far, though, these articles have not mentioned a word about Tzipora Obziler, who became a mother this summer. Obziler's partner gave birth while Obziler was playing her first round at Wimbledon. Even up-to-the-minute Wikipedia has not added this piece of information about the Israeli player.

Perhaps we will hear some news about Obziler's new arrival, or perhaps the children of lesbians just don't count. It's a wonder Bammer gets so much publicity about her motherhood, given that she is not married to her child's father.

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