Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mary Pierce excepted, countrywomen ignore Bartoli's Wimbledon run

It's a bit of a surprise she didn't hear anything from Amelie Mauresmo, but perhaps Mauresmo was in too much of a funk. The Golovin saga apparently continues.


ken said...

That is suprising. I saw Bartoli practicing with Mauresmo last year at the Pilot Pen. Of course there is no telling what their relationship is and has been in the past. There's no knowing how Mauresmo's openness about her sexuality has been received by other players.

Diane said...

Oh, I think Marion and Amelie are friends. Most of the Frenchwomen are pretty close, in fact, and most of them claim a friendship with Amelie. When Amelie was knocked out of Wimbledon, Marion was visibly and vocally upset about it. I think Amelie just retreated from everything after her Wimbledon loss.