Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wimbledon--what they said

What a beast of a day for you. You had to change your warm-up strip on the practice courts this morning, then you lose a major semifinal, and then you're the last player on court and you lose in doubles as well. Horrible day for you today.
Thanks for bringing it up and putting me down. I appreciate that.
Victoria Azarenka

I think maybe I was one, two steps slower today. I think that makes the difference.
Angelique Kerber

You made more aces in one set than Radwanska in the whole tournament, so that helps probably in the final. Out of 18 Slam finals you won 13 and you lost 4. You're tied sixth all-time with Hart, Goolagong and King. That sounds interesting to you, or don't you care?
It's pretty cool to be mentioned with those names, especially King. She's someone I really look up to. So that's cool.
Serena Williams

Especially in the end of the court it's pretty old grass, and you really have to be careful because the bounces are really tricky.
Agnieszka Radwanska

We've not noticed that happen on Centre Court before.
I've noticed it everywhere. Men also grunt really loud.
I meant the crowd's reaction.
Yeah, maybe you weren't at every match.
Victoria Azarenka

She's a shot-making genius.
Pam Shriver, describing Agnieszka Radwanska

Well, I'm just happy. I'm so happy to be playing. I'm so happy to be on the court. I feel like this is where I belong. I mean, maybe I don't belong in a relationship. Maybe I don't belong somewhere else. But I know for a a fact I do belong on this tennis court.
Serena Williams

I mean, yeah, what can I say? I mean, she played a very, very good match.
Angelique Kerber

Which would give you more pleasure, going to your brother's wedding or winning the Wimbledon final?
That's a silly question. I think you know the answer.
Victoria Azarenka

The Ladies final will be a battle of total opposites. The visible power and potential dominance of Williams vs. the internal machinations and dastardly wizardry of Agnieszka and The Radwanska. But there won't be enough room on the Centre Court for all three of them.
Todd Spiker

...The older I get, the better I serve.
Serena Williams


Eric said...

Actually, I'm not sure if I know the answer to the question for Vika... Although my gut tells me she'd rather be in the Wimbledon final...

Desire is synonymous with Vika.

Doug Messenger said...

The interviewers know no restraint. They're rude, crude and unrefined. "Boorish stupidity" might capture what I'm thinking better.

Harryponting said...

You are wrong doug I think you are a rude person that`s you think negative,stupidity is not always shown rudeness.

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svente said...

Love Vika's first answer! Hahahaha... good for her.

I also like Serena's "where I belong" answer. It's oddly sweet.

I so look forward to tomorrow's final mainly bc Todd Spiker is right - there isn't room for all three on the court!

Anonymous said...

Harry, please re-read what the interviewer said to Viktoria Azarenka again. If that is not rude, I don't know what it. It was pure negativity, and under the circumstances, insensitive and stupid to have said.

Diane said...

One of the things I like best about Vika is that she treats these kinds of questions with the contempt that they deserve.

Todd.Spiker said...

I'm with Eric -- I'm not really sure which answer Vika thinks is obvious. And I love that about her!

Eric said...

Yes, it's definitely part of her appeal.

Diane said...

I'm with both of you. Vika is kick-ass, self-contained, refreshing piece of work.