Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wimbledon--what they said

"...I felt okay, and then all of a sudden I won that first set. I felt, you know, I was like a ghost, you know, white in the face. Really, I didn't know where I was."
Jelena Jankovic

Can you afford to have a fun middle Sunday, or is it going to be all business tomorrow?
"I haven't quite planned out what I'm doing. I always enjoy myself, so every day's fun that I'm alive. It's good."
Venus Williams

"We know each other pretty well now. No big surprise today. "
Amelie Mauresmo, referring to Flavia Pennetta

"...something maybe, you know, that someone can, you know, push me a little bit harder. I needed I think some more intensity on the court. And that's something that I feel maybe was lacking a bit."
Ana Ivanovic, on why she returned to the Adidas coaching team

"She's actually been more aggressor of the two."
Brad Gilbert

"Then once I reached position number 1, it's like, 'Okay, what's next?' So then, you know, when I had some setbacks, I sort of didn't know how to deal with it because there is no higher position than the number 1."
Ana Ivanovic

"...I went out there and actually did really well. Was just thinking that she was any other player and this was any other match and I was at any other tournament, you know, not like on the biggest stage at Wimbledon playing my first top 10 player."
Melane Oudin

"...I felt like I was standing, I was not moving anything. Her game is not--you cannot adjust. You cannot have long rallies so you've got to be quick and at maximum level all the time, and I haven't done so today. That's why I lost."
Svetlana Kuznetsova

"She wasn't even born when I played my first Wimbledon, I mean that's ridiculous, right? Anyway enough about me, holy cow, she knocked off Jelena Jankovic today in three sets."
Rennae Stubbs, writing about Melanie Oudin

"... mentally you just learn from playing matches, and nothing can really replace that."
Amelie Mauresmo

"That racquet bag is bigger than she is."
Pam Shriver, referring to Melanie Oudin

Does that (being asked whether she is a legitmate number 1 without a major title) bother you?
"Annoying. But what can I do? They keep asking this."
Dinara Safina

You've had such great support from the strap on your leg. Is this something that you plan to use after this tournament because it's given you such great support?
"That's a good idea. You know, I was thinking maybe I could, like, totally get a permanent one. So maybe you'll see me with one that's just not tape, that's neoprene and Velcro and all that good stuff. So you never know."
An artificial leg?
"Not yet."
Venus Williams

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