Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pavlyuchenkova and Ivanovic go to the semifinals

Who hits thirty-three winners in a two-set match? Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova does. The match between the young Russian and Agnieszka Radwanska left much to be desired, but it was hard not to appreciate Pavlyuchenkova's free-swinging success. She had to serve for the first set a second time, after an unforced error caused her to lose her first chance to close. Radwanska made it easier for her, however, by losing her characteristic precision, and Pavlyuchenkova took the match, 7-6, 6-4. "She looks like she doesn't want to be there," a commentator said, but commentators have said that before about Radwanska; she has almost no affect, even at the best of times, a la Evert.

There was one amusing interlude during a second set changeover, when the chair umpire told Pavlyuchenkova she wasn't sure what word Pavlyuchenkova had said on court, but she was pretty sure it was one of the forbidden ones. She told Pavlyuchenkova not to say it--whatever it was--again.

Pavlyuchenkova will play defending champion Ana Ivanovic in the semifinals. Ivanovic got a walkover when her quarterfinal opponent, Sybille Bammer, withdrew because of a shoulder injury. Bammer has done some fancy serving this week, and it may have just been too much for her.


Anonymous said...

Great things were expected from Pavlyuchenkova for about two or three seasons, but this result finally takes her to the level everybody (including me) wanted her to rise.

As for A. Radwanska, what could it be happening with her? Is not that she isnt playing good, but this year has not been truly hers... well ok, she hasnt been playing good. But her sister, she IS one to watch just about right now.

Ill go with Azarenka for the championship!!!

Diane said...

Ronoso, I think Azarenka is going to win the championship, too.

I don't know what's going on with Radwanska, but I hope she corrects whatever it is. I enjoy the simplicity of her game.

Anonymous said...

Diane, Pavlyuchenkova is looking really good out on court. I saw most of her quarterfinal against Radwanska, and Anastasia was going for her shots and hitting a lot of winners.

Hopefully she can keep the momentum headed into the semifinals.

Diane said...

I've been impressed with Pavlyuchenkova for a while, Aaress. I think her time is coming.

Rob said...

It will be better for tennis is Ivanovic wins it, not Azarenka (who seems to me to be a conceited, spoiled little girl.)

Diane said...

Azarenka, as I see it, is an intelligent and articulate young woman who doesn't yet have her emotions in check. If we're going to get into values and image, there are arguments to be made both ways.

Ultimately, though--if we leave other issues out of the equation-- a champion's defense and a phenom's big breakthrough are equally good for tennis.