Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This has nothing to do with women's tennis

But it does have to do with gender. Leave it to Chris Fowler (or any of the male commentators, for that matter) to refer to Roger Federer's cardigan as a "Mr. Rogers sweater." You would think, after all these years, that Fowler would at least have a clue about what a traditional tennis/croquet sweater looks like, but apparently not. But then, why would a commentator want to miss an opportunity to "feminize" Fed? The white blazer, the white tennis bag (we heard about that on ESPN today, too), the cardigan--everything about Roger somehow gets turned into something "not masculine."

And while I'm at it, Fowler--No Doubt is not even close to being a "hard rock" band. You either need to get out more or keep your mouth closed. I vote for the latter.

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