Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More bad news about Bartoli

I posted earlier today that Marion Bartoli was defeated in the second round in Birmingham. It turns out that she may miss Wimledon because of a wrist injury. Bartoli has tendonitis, and it has been bothering her since before the French Open. As she herself puts it--"I am always having something, some illness or injury."

I saw her play in Charleston with her new serve, and she looked good, despite losing a well-played match to Vera Zvonareva. However, she was hampered in that match by what was an obvious lack of physical stamina.

Adding to the bad Bartoli news is the fact that her official website has disappeared (her main fan site is undergoing a webmaster change, by the way).

So I guess that's all the bad Bartoli news for now. It's enough.

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