Thursday, February 14, 2008

A shout-out to my faves!


Anonymous said...

With Anna's loss to Arvidsson, Patty may get what she publicly wished for -- a Sunday date in the finals with the world #1. More power to her... Patty has lost 8 of 9 times to Henin, but often gives a very good account of herself.

By the way, on the WTA website don't miss the photo of Arvidsson under "Thursday wrap" for the Antwerp tournament. Is that for real, or is it Sofia's head on Nadal's bod?? I don't know what to say except, WOW!

Diane said...

I was there the one time Patty beat Justine; it was a lovely sight! Patty had a solid game plan and she stuck with it. She got into Henin's head with it, too.

Patty's out of Antwerp now, though :(

I saw that photo of Arvidsson--strange!