Sunday, February 17, 2008

Morariu's issues are showing

When a commentator makes an inane comment once, I assume it is just to fill in time, but Corina Morariu's remarks about how wealthy the top players are have become chronic. The last several time I have watched matches on Tennis Channel, Morariu has been on hand to say something snide about a player's "needing more cash" or having a big bank account or shopping for expensive items.

No one is more disturbed than I that athletes make truckloads of money. But that is not the fault of the athletes; rather, it is the fault of a system that values physical prowess and entertainment more than other things. Perhaps Morariu is feeling blue that she raked in only $1,733, 916 in winnings in her career. Of course, that figure does not include money made from sponsorships. I do not know how much money she made that way, but--as number 1 doubles player in the world--I suspect she made some.

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